Can You Make 6 Figures Without a Degree?

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When you were growing up, you were probably told that you had to finish high school and go to College to find a job that could leave you with the right amount of money coming into your bank account.

The truth is a college degree does help in many aspects. Most experts say that it helps you earn about 30,000 more dollars a year than your standard high school graduate makes.

Though a college degree is always helpful, there are plenty of careers out there that you can find your way into that will have you making those six-figure salaries that everybody is so focused on achieving.

Things like real estate agents and commercial pilots are all jobs that can be had without having to spend four years At a college.

But we’re sure you have plenty of more questions, so when this guy, we’ll go over how you could find a career that allows you to make six figures even without that college degree.


How is This Possible?

Finding your way into a 6 figure salary in a job where your education is not as vital as your overall skill set is completely possible.

Of course, it will take dedication and patience, but there are some steps you could potentially take that will help you.

Some of our best advice when you’re looking to find a career that earns six figures without a degree is:


  • Look for a career that is a trade or requires specific skills.
  • Get into an industry and stay in it. You won’t start at that high of a salary, but once you’ve worked your way up the ladder, you could find yourself bringing in six figures easily.
  • Elevate your training and get certified in particular aspects of your chosen field.
  • If you’re not able to find a 6 figure salary in the chosen field, you started, be open to finding new jobs that can utilize your already developed skills.


How Long Does it Take?

How long it’s going to take to reach a six-figure salary depends on your dedication and the job itself. Some positions and careers start with a larger salary, meaning it will take less time to achieve your six-figure salary goals.

However, that being said, for those starting at the bottom and working their way up the ladder, it might take years to get yourself to the six-figure salary.

One thing is for sure, though by sticking to your goals and expanding your knowledge as you go, the timeline will.


Types of Businesses That Can Bring You 6-Figure Income

One of the tips we gave is to choose a business or industry with a higher salary cap than others.

There are plenty of options when looking for positions in industries where you can start out earning a six-figure income. Here are three of the ones that we suggest you take a look at:


Real Estate

Though you may not start out as a 6 figure in real estate, you will start at a high salary, making it easier to achieve that six-figure salary.

But, of course, this all relies on the Commission you earn on your properties. That means the higher the value of the properties you sell, the more money you’re going to earn.



The construction itself is not necessarily an industry that makes you a lot of money, although they do make quite good salaries, and most of them are unionized.

But when you look at construction management, this is a portion of the industry that is quite lucrative. Typically an average salary starts at around 80,000. Because it starts so high, finding your way to a larger salary is much easier.



Traditional airline pilots are not going to primarily make a 6 figure salary, although if they’ve been with the company longer, they may well make that much money. Where the money lies in being a pilot is a commercial pilot, which handles freight and shipping.

You can start by earning roughly about $90,000 a year. With time and dedication, working that up to over $100,000 a year should be no problem.


How Much Do You Have to Work?

Just like with any other career opportunity, whether you’re making $50,000 or $250,000, there is a certain level of dedication that has to be present. How much you’re going to have to work and how hard you’re going to choose.

For instance, if you’re doing retail or real estate, the amount of hard labor going into it will be vastly different from that of someone looking to become a commercial pilot or a construction manager.

So, in essence, what boils down is that there is no set amount of work you’re going to have to do to achieve your goal of bringing in a 6 figure salary.


Common Mistakes You Need to Avoid Doing

If your ultimate goal is to make a 6 figure salary, then you need to concentrate on finding the right job. During this hunt for a career, there are several mistakes that many people make, and we want to help you avoid them.

So here are some of the common mistakes you need to avoid when you’re looking for a career that’s going to bring you a six-figure salary:


  • Do not forget to elevate your skills even once you’ve found your career.
  • Trying to make sure you actively pursue promotions
  • Do not be scared to negotiate for more in the initial salary negotiations.
  • Make sure you continue to network even after getting a job.
  • Never leave jobs on bad terms.


Final Thoughts on Making 6 Figures Without a Degree

It is possible for someone who doesn’t have a college degree to find a career that they will be happy with and that brings in their ideal salary.

For many people, the ideal salary is in the six figures because this will allow you to live a comfortable life with little to no worries.

That is, as long as you live in a place that has the cost of living and don’t overextend the funds in your bank account by investing in lavish items.