Do Women’s Rolex Hold Value?

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Chain of a Rolex wristwatch - Do Women’s Rolex Hold Value?

Every piece of jewelry or accessory has value regarding not only memories but also financially. One of the most sought-after statement pieces are watches, and amongst these watches, very few brands hold as much status as that Rolex.

This doesn’t matter whether it’s a men’s or a woman’s Rolex. Because of the high-class craftsmanship and years of quality products, Rolex has built a reputation that stands heads above many of its peers.

But for those out there that are more collectors than they are, simple enthusiasts of value is something that is constantly on their minds. So is there a difference between the holding of value when it comes to women’s and men’s Rolexes?

The truth is that Rolexes in and of themselves are an investment, and not only do they hold their value, but they also increase in value over the years. This is because each of the models is only created with a certain amount of pieces sent out onto the market.

Suppose you are someone who is looking at these statement pieces as not only jewelry but as an investment. You may want to know a little bit more about how women’s Rolexes hold their value. So keep reading, and we will answer that and so much more.


Does Women’s Rolex Hold More Value Than Men’s?

Rolex has long been known for making top-notch men’s watches, and it seemed as if the lady’s line of Rolexes were kind of a second thought.

But over the past decades, that has been changing, and the difference between men’s and women’s Rolexes is minuscule now.

There are still fewer models that produce women’s Rolexes. This means that inevitably because of the limited supply, they may hold and even appreciate slightly more than men.

So not only are they beautiful statement pier also investments that could end up being quite the collector’s item.


What Makes It Hold So Much Value?

The reason that Rolex watches, in general, hold so much value is the high-quality craftsmanship that goes into everything from the case materials to the bezels.

However, when it is in regards to women’s Rolexes in particular, they hold and appreciate because of the limited availability.

Like with all watch companies, when they release a new line or model, Rolex limits the number that goes out.

This means that there are fewer on the market, which creates a supply and demand that helps maintain the value and, as we said, even have that value appreciated.


Which Rolex Holds Their Value Best?

There are several women’s Rolexes that hold value very well. But maybe the best is the Lady- Datejust.

This is a very popular option for women because it has many great features. For example, it is delicate, has a bracelet band, and offers high-quality material in a round case.

This model has been crafted since 1945 and is the first women’s date chronometer. There are, of course, different models amongst this line but no matter what, this may be the Rolex that holds the best value because it has the longest and most reputable story on the market.


What is the Most Sought After Women’s Rolex?

As we said above the women’s Rolex model that holds the best value is the date just. That being said, several other models are highly sought after, especially by those women that are collectors of Rolexes.

Here are a few other models that you may want to check out if you’re looking for a high-quality watch and investment:


  • Yacht-Master
  • Day-Date
  • Pearlmaster
  • Oyster Perpetual
  • Daytona
  • Submariner


The value of each of these models will depend on the year it was made and the materials utilized in the overall construction. But these are some of the most popular and highly sought-after models on the market.

Each of them brings with their unique features and should be chosen according to the individual’s style.


What Makes a Rolex Lose Value?

In the end, the thing that makes a woman’s Rolex lose value is the same as it is for men’s and other luxury watch brands. When looking at what could potentially cause your relative value, you have to pay attention to the following:


  • Condition is one of the major factors in keeping your Rolex holding its value. If there are malfunctions or even scratches and dents, this could affect your watch’s overall value.
  • Another factor is the model. Some models are specially designed and have affiliations with certain pop culture icons. So the value of your watch will depend on the yeah it was made and the features that come with that model.
  • Another factor that could cause your Rolex to lose value is movement. If you have a more modern quartz movement in your watch, it will be worth less than a mechanical movement.
  • The last thing that’s going to play a part in your Rolex losing value is the number of watches that are available on the market in that particular model.


Rarity and distribution play a part in value, and if you were wearing one that is one of the more popular and well-distributed, the value would take a hit.


Final Thoughts on Do Women’s Rolex Hold Value

Women’s Rolexes hold value just as well as men’s. In fact, much like many of the other Rolex models, most of the time, women’s models from this brand tend to appreciate over time.

There are, of course, things that can affect the value on a physical aspect, but in general, most people look at Rolexes as not only a statement piece but quite an investment.