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Like in many industries, women in the wealth management and financial industries struggle with not having a lot of representation.

In addition, there are unique challenges that women have to embrace in these fields, and finding a system that specifically provides answers to these is hard.

Many women that have been looking for help understanding the stock market and investing, in general, may have come across the “Wealth Circle .”This is a money management course that is offered by a money management company called Factora Wealth.

This company was founded by a money manager who saw the need for help in the area sounds like a good idea. But before you invest in the course, you should look into the company and do some research, which is what we hope to help with in this article.


What is Factora Wealth?

Factora Wealth is a women-owned money management mentor program that Allegra Moet Brantly founded. After working her way up the financial ladder in her 20s, she found that she had no savings.

Realizing she wasn’t the only woman in this position, she tried to find ways to elevate her financial standing. Then, after being successful, she wanted to give back to women and create a system of repeatable steps.

These steps would form the backbone of the curriculum for Factora and the wealth management course they would bring to the market. Factora Wealth is the company and system that.


Is it a Start-Up?

Factora Wealth is not a start-up. Instead, it is an online money management course and a women’s financial community that is designed to help build confidence and to guide women to a more diversified and successful financial portfolio.

Using the idea of constant focus and work, Factora Wealth helps women find success faster and build financial freedom. The hope of the company and communities is to build a network that supports women in their money management journeys.


How Does it Work?

The course attached to Factora Wealth is a bi-yearly course carried out over 12 weeks. This 12-week course is crafted to leave you with the knowledge and network to build a financial portfolio that gives you financial stability.

The course has been into six modules:


  • Investment Foundation
  • Stock Market
  • Asset Allocation
  • Real-estate Investing
  • Business Investing
  • Accountability Systems


Along with this, the course includes things like a Slack community and live one-hour calls. All of this is designed to leave the individual with everything they need to succeed financially. Looking at the testimonials and reviews, it is a good investment for most.


How Much Does it Cost?

So when you are trying to find a way to increase your financial solvency through investments, the first question about it should be the cost. Besides the 12 weeks of your life and an hour every week for the live call, you will be looking at spending $2200.

For this, you will get access to all the assets we said above. However, you don’t have to worry if you are not satisfied. The company and course come with a money-back guarantee. So if you have the funds, you might want to consider investing in the course.


Does Factora Wealth Have Discounts?

A cost of $2200 seems like a lot of money for many. If you are working on a tight budget, you may wonder if there are any discounts you can take advantage of. On the whole, there are no discounts available for Factora Wealth.

That being said, the company does offer a scholarship. This scholarship is available to BIPOC women. It is called the Factora Rising Tide scholarship.

It is a scholarship that the team at Factora has created so that they can help one million women reach one million in net worth. The scholarship, if awarded, will give the women full coverage of the enrollment fee. This may be a great opportunity for many women.


Final Thoughts on Factora Wealth Reviews 

Factora Wealth is a community and online course designed to help women achieve investment success. It has shown a lot of success, and if you are looking to find a way of making more money in a smarter way, it might just be worth a look.