My Friend Has Nowhere to Live

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Homelessness is a big issue across the globe. No matter where you live, you’re bound to have seen some people that are down on their luck and wound up out on the streets. 

But when it’s someone close to you, that can be quite challenging, and many questions arise, so this situation begins to happen.

If your friend has nowhere to live, the decision on how to help them is really up to you. There are two routes you can either help them financially or give them a place to stay. Or you can opt to give them resources to help them get out of the situation.

To have a clear decision on what course to take, you must understand the options you have. So in this quick article, we’re going to look at that.


What are the 3 Types of Homelessness?

There are many reasons why somebody becomes homeless, but you should be aware of three main types of homeless. Here are the three main types:


  • Transitional homelessness is usually something that is spurred on by a major life event or a catastrophic change in one’s life. 


This could be because of the loss of the individual’s job or some sort of health condition that causes them to have a big upheaval.


  • Another form of homelessness is episodic. This is more of a consistent thing that happens periodically. Most often, it is if you experience multiple periods of time of homelessness throughout one year.


  • The last is chronic homelessness, which is something many people with disabilities and mental health conditions suffer from. Along with addicts and other debilitating conditions can contribute to chronic homelessness.


How Can You Help?

These people are dear to you for a reason, and so you want to take the time to understand how you can help them. There are a few tips that we suggest you implement if you find yourself in this situation:


  • You need to be respectful. Letting them know that even just telling you about their situation is courageous is the first step. Have a deep conversation with them and try to understand what is going on, which might help you figure out how to help them.


  • If you know about charities or services that can help them, giving them the information about them can be vitally important to get them on the road to figuring out their situation.


  • You can opt to be there for them. If you have extra space in your home or extra cash, you can help them get back on their feet. The trick with this is making sure that they don’t wind up taking advantage of you not on purpose but through the desire to prevent themselves from being homeless.


  • Instead of just assuming what they need, ask them what they need. They may not want you to help them with money or a place to stay but rather just be there to listen to.


Should You Borrow Your Friend Rent Money?

Whether or not you should lend the money is completely up to you and them. However, the truth is that some people may be too proud to take the money, which may mean you have to think of alternative ways to help them.

Also, when money becomes a factor between friends, it can become a tense subject and cause problems. That means you have to weigh your options and make sure that offering to let them borrow rent money is the right move for you, them, and your relationship.


Should You Let Your Friend Crash at Your Place?

One of the easiest things to do if you have a space is to just extend a hand and let them stay with you. But once again, ask them what they want because that may not be something that they would even consider.

Being kind enough to alter your home to them is a wonderful gesture. But you also have to be aware, just like lending them money, that having them move into your personal space could put tension in their friendship. 

That’s why the decision to do this is something that you should consider before actually doing it. 


Are There Any Organizations That Can Help?

Depending on where you are, plenty of organizations could potentially help your friend out. That way, if they don’t want to take anything from you can just offer resources that may be able to help them.

Some of these resources include:


  • Shelters
  • Child and family agencies
  • Charities 


Final Thoughts on Your Friend Has Nowhere to Live

Being there for your friends is important. These people are people with whom you have created a bond, and they may be challenging in a difficult situation. There are many different things you can do to help a friend who may be looking at becoming homeless. 

We’ve given you some ideas, but many other resources are available. We just think this is a good place to start!