What Is the Value of Money In Life?

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“Money can’t buy you happiness.” This is one of the many quotes out there about money that everyone knows and spouts out the drop of a hat. Money is a vital part of our life and a crucial part of that sustaining a comfortable one. 

But sometimes, this focus on money can become too much. When this happens, people might wonder what exactly is the value of money when it comes to your life. 

Of course, money is not everything, but without money, you will struggle, so if you’re looking to build a comfortable life, there must be some sort of financial stability. 

That being said, sometimes we hyper-focus on the number of dollar signs in our bank account instead of enjoying the life that those dollar signs can bring us. 

This is because the value of money in life is so much more than most people think and not at all important the way they think it is.


What is the Value of Money in This World?

Most people consider money the end-all and be-all because everything in this world comes with a price tag. For those looking to live “comfortably,” chase that almighty dollar. 

Those looking to be deemed successful strive for that almighty dollar. In truth, money is only good for making life easier; as the quote said, it can not buy happiness. 


Is Money the Most Important Thing In Life?

What all boils down to is that money gives you certain advantages in life over those that don’t have it. Not only does it allow you to buy and trade goods easily, but several benefits come from having a sizable bank account.

Here are those benefits:


  • Money can afford you freedom. With the right amount of money, you can choose to live anywhere and do anything you’d like to. In other words, you are financially independent and able to live the life you want.


  • Many of us have crazy dreams that we want to pursue, but without the proper funding, we feel it is a new obtainable. But with financial freedom, you can buy that dream house or build that business you’ve always wanted.


  • Security is one of those things that can relieve anxiety and stress tenfold. Oftentimes the most stressful thing about life is not being secure enough financially. 


In other words, the last thing you want to have to do is worry about not having food or a roof overhead. With money, you don’t have those issues.


Is Money the Only Way to Stay Happy?

Though money makes things much easier and allows you to feel free To make decisions you otherwise are within and be in alignment with the world around you. There are plenty of people that are never financially stable and happy.

Being happy can be as simple as doing a job you love as opposed to one you have to do. Or maybe it’s finding a group of special people that understand you and that have the same life goals as you. 

No matter what, money in these situations will make things easier, but it is not the root of happiness.


Is Money More Valuable Than Education?

As we’ve said above, money is a tool to be used to find happiness. It is not the cause of happiness and therefore is not more valuable than any other tool you can utilize to build a happy life.

That means that money is not more valuable than education. However, sometimes education can be valued more than money because money is more likely to flow into your pockets with the right amount of education. 


Why is Money So Powerful?

Money is only as powerful as you allow it to be. Though in the global economy, money is the chosen form of trade, money has a certain level of power when finding your way within that community.

The power of money comes from governments and not from individuals. Putting a Focus on corporations to put a price tag on their services. In turn, they relay this to the populace and, due to supply and demand, the populist response. This is the true power of money.


Final Thoughts on What Is the Value of Money In Life

The value of money in life depends on who you’re talking to. But when broken down philosophically and looking at happiness, money is a tool, as we’ve said, and not the instigator of happiness.