Best Cheap Toys For 10-Year-Olds That Won’t Break The Bank

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Best Cheap Toys For 10-Year-Olds That Won’t Break The Bank

Whether it’s for a special occasion or perhaps your 10-year-old simply needs more entertainment during their summer break. A new toy doesn’t have to eat into your monthly budget.


Ten-year-olds are at an age where they’re rapidly growing out of “little kid toys,” but they may not be responsible enough for an expensive item like a tablet or motorized scooter. But fear not, there are plenty of cheap options to tide them over.


What are the best cheap toys for a ten-year-old?

The best cheap toys for a ten-year-old are toys they can use over and over again. While water balloons or Nerf guns may seem like a good idea, they’ll quickly run out of ammo and require mom and dad to make additional purchases.


Instead, think along the lines of pogo sticks, manual scooters, balls, and walkie-talkies. These may seem old school, but they’ve remained popular for decades due to their long-term durability and entertainment.


If your ten-year-old isn’t so outdoorsy, consider crafting kits, especially jewelry-making ones, or even something as simple as headphones or earbuds to go along with a tablet or phone they already have.


Although they aren’t a toy per se, they can still provide countless hours of entertainment for the child and plenty of peace and quiet for everyone else.


When Should You Buy the Best Cheap Toys for 10-Year-Olds?

The best deals generally come right before and after major holidays like Christmas. If you can, you can save a lot of money by planning ahead and buying discounted toys in advance, even if your child is still too young for them.


Of course, this isn’t always possible because it’s not easy to know what a child’s latest interests will be.


The worst time to buy a toy is when it’s just released because this is typically when its price is the highest. The longer you wait, the cheaper that toy should become.


Unfortunately, your child may feel obligated to keep up with their peers, which can result in them feeling left out if they don’t have at least some of the same toys everyone else has.


How Should You Choose the Best Cheap Toys for 10-Year-Olds?

No one knows your child better than you, so purchase toys related to their current interests or what they might be interested in. To get an idea of what’s popular, consider browsing secondhand listings for toys.


This is still an age where kids lose interest within weeks or months, so Facebook Marketplace or local yard sales can help you brainstorm a good gift, if not outright find one.


Are There Any Cheap Toys You Should Avoid Buying for a 10-Year-Old?

In general, you should avoid buying one-use items that break, like water balloons, when on a budget. Instead, there are better toys to purchase that have long-term value rather than being fun for 10 minutes a couple of days over a long summer.


In addition, while this might be difficult to do, try to avoid buying toys that might be overly flimsy and incapable of surviving some rough play. Flimsy toys aren’t always obvious before they’re brought home, however.


Final Thoughts on Buying Best Cheap Toys for 10-Year Olds

Sometimes the best cheap toys for ten-year-olds are used toys or toys that were popular when we were children. Plenty of kids’ toys are sold like new but without the original hefty price tag.


Plus, toys that were popular 20 to even 70 years ago remain a staple in our households because they’re still fun and often a great value.

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