Eating On a Dollar a Day

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In this day and age, and with the economic conditions of the world right now, it is getting more and more expensive to feed oneself and one’s family. Therefore, many are searching for a way to limit daily life expenses, including something so essential as their groceries.

There are probably items in your cart that you know are simply “wants”; we often find ourselves buying more than we need and at higher prices than we need to.

While this is a very important recognition for the budget-minded shopper, there may be a way to further limit food expenses.


Is This Even Possible?

Can you eat for a dollar a day? The answer is yes, and though it is not the easiest feat, spending only a dollar a day on one’s meals is actually very doable.

First and foremost, and before undertaking such a feat as eating on a dollar a day, one must dispense with dining out excessively.

In addition to avoiding dining out, it is also important to plan meals with inexpensive ingredients.

An easy way to do this is to buy these inexpensive, versatile foods in bulk. Though this may seem expensive initially, the meals you make from them can come out to as little as a dollar.


Where Should You Shop for it?

You have many options for places to buy inexpensive foods. Shopping for generic brand items at your local supermarket can save you money in a big way. Chances are, there are savings to be found even at places you regularly shop.

There are many stores that sell certain items in bulk and for lower prices than their standard supermarket counterparts. These stores and sales and clearance sections are other fantastic ways to save money on food.


How Do You Manage to Do it?

Once you have planned your meals and have narrowed the ingredients for those meals down to inexpensive, nutritious staples, you can create a grocery list. Creating a grocery list, and sticking to it as you shop, is an essential step to remaining within your budget.

Variety, as well as nutrition, are both essential to remember when remaining within your tight budget. For example, it is very difficult to stick to a tight grocery budget for a long period of time if you become bored with the same meals each day.

It is possible to have a variety in the meals that you eat, and it is essential to maintain good nutrition. Ensure that you shop for foods in every food group; fruits, vegetables, grains, protein, and dairy.


Great Meals You Can Eat for $1

There are a variety of meals you can cook when you are working with inexpensive foods that you have bought in bulk. These staple foods may include but are not limited to chicken; grains such as rice, lentils, beans, noodles, or potatoes; bread; eggs; and frozen vegetables.

Some examples of meals that can be made from the above ingredients include chicken and rice, pasta; baked potatoes; eggs and toast; beans and rice, etc. Regarding seasoning, a few inexpensive seasonings, such as salt and pepper, can last for a while.


Where Can You Find the Cheapest Food?

When looking for inexpensive food to fit within your tight budget, you can try stores that provide wholesale foods in bulk. These stores often provide a bit of a discount in a no-frills environment and can save customers a lot of money.

Good deals on nutritious, quality food can also be found in your local supermarket. Generic brand foods often offer the same quality as their brand name counterparts.

In addition, many stores also offer sales, discounts, and promotions. Keeping up with these can assist in your budgeting.


Final Thoughts on Eating on a Dollar a Day

In conclusion, though it may take some adjustment, it is very doable to eat on as low as a dollar per day. You can begin by limiting instances of eating out and by choosing less expensive brands of food while shopping.

Meal planning and grocery lists are essential when eating on a budget. Buying several nutritious and versatile foods that can be made into various nutritious meals will help keep you from getting bored with the same meals.

Though it may not be easy, living on a dollar a day is possible!

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