Friend Keeps Asking To Borrow Money

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One person giving money to another - Friend Keeps Asking To Borrow Money

Friends are special. Unlike family members, you can choose with whom you want to be friends. They share in your joy, provide a shoulder to cry on, encourage you to be your best, and are always there for you.

Having a friend is priceless. They come into your life at different stages but stay constant throughout.

Friendships can be based on many things. Trust and honesty are very important. If you and your friend share these common values, then your friendship will be strong.


How Do You Respond To Your Friend Asking For Money?

If you can afford to lend the money, then you should definitely do so. However, if it is the first time your friend is asking to borrow money, you should simply give it. There should be no strings attached.

But if it is a recurring practice, then you need to have a proper chat with your friend. Maybe, rather than lending the money, you could help your friend overcome his financial difficulty in other ways.

Always be sympathetic and understanding. It is never easy to ask someone for money. But make sure your friend knows your stance on borrowing. Make it clear that you will help out the first few times but not always.


How Do You Say No?

It is difficult to say ‘No.’ A friend is someone you have known for some time and shared memories with. You know you should help, but you must draw a line. You should not be taken advantage of.

You could first tell your friend how you feel about them asking you for money. Then, maybe, you could help them out in a different way. Empathize with their situation but be firm in your refusal.


Does Borrowing Money Harm Your Friendship?

If your friend constantly keeps borrowing money, it can put a strain on your friendship. It would not matter even if the borrowed money is returned later.

As a friend, you may feel obliged to help out, but it can also make you feel resentful. Borrowing money might become a habit. In that case, your friendship will suffer.

At the onset, you must make it clear how you feel. If your friend knows that you are uncomfortable with lending money, they might think twice before asking you. Money should not be the basis of your friendship.


What Happens When Someone Borrows Money And Doesn’t Pay Back?

It all depends on your attitude. For example, do you expect the money to be returned within a certain time frame, or is it given and forgotten?

It is best to have a clear understanding at the beginning. This will prevent any mishaps later on, and you both can stick to the agreement.

If your friend does not pay you back, you can and should ask him about it. You can give him more time if necessary, but you should be firm about the repayment.


Should You Stop Being Friends?

It all depends on what type of friend the borrowing is. If it is someone you have known for a long time and who has helped you, then you simply cannot abandon the friendship.

What you could do is have a talk with your friend and explain how you feel. If they value your friendship, they will try to make amends. But if nothing changes, then you may need to re-evaluate being friends with that person.


Final Thoughts on Friend that Keeps Asking to Borrow Money

At the end of the day, you need to know what is more important, friendship or money. Sometimes you may have to overlook the shortcomings in favor of having that person in your life.

Friends are important. At the same time, you cannot let money dominate the friendship. Helping out a friend is great, but you must trust that your generosity will not be taken for granted. A true friend will understand.

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